I have realized over the past few months that I haven’t been posting any pictures.
Really, I’m not even sure why not. I keep taking pictures. Maybe more than ever…
so, why am I not posting them?

Maybe it’s the workflow involved, maybe I’m too busy or distracted by everyday life.

Or maybe I’m just getting lazy. Yes, it’s probably that.

So yesterday I went through a couple day’s worth of folders on one of my camera’s
memory cards and selected a few pictures that have NOTHING to do with each other
besides the fact that I took them while wandering the streets of Amsterdam.

I still love this city even after the highs and lows of living in its center for 5 years now.
Are there things I would change about it or my circumstance, hm… I’m not sure about that
but probably not. I think that it’s important for people to realize that you don’t have the
power to change certain things, such as the behavior of another person, and the sooner
we come to that realization and accept things and people as a package deal, with some
things we like and some we don’t, the sooner we can get back to enjoying the time together.

So, I embrace this city of Amsterdam and the Dutch culture entirely with it’s quirks and
peculiarities that make them both utterly fantastic.

I love Holland!

==click pics to enlarge them==