Friday evening I went out for a walk as the fog began to form. The lights of the city, shops
and houses took on an eerie yellow halo.

I took pictures randomly as I slowly wandered towards the Spui to visit a friend at his
work (a bar) but stopped for dinner on the way. One of the great things about Amsterdam
is that there is no shortage of nice restaurants, bars and cafés. The food choices is mind-boggling,
so I went for something easy and not expensive.

But let me explain one thing, I am not out trying to create art with my photographs tonight.
I am not out to document the city or make a statement. Tonight I am merely sharing the
random sights of Amsterdam with anyone who stumbles across my little site. The city
has no limit to the amount of unusual sights and sounds. It changes every day. Each time
I leave the house I see something I have never seen before – without exception.

But also it gives me a chance to clear my head, to interact with my neighbors and random
tourists, to give assistance or directions and advice to people I run into. To re-orient the

I’m just another guy with a camera in a city full of people with cameras. This is what I saw…

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