Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Beautiful Light of Amsterdam

It rains a lot here in the Netherlands. I’m not complaining because I have lived so many years in places that experience almost no rain, and this is a welcomed change. But after a while of seeing only grey days, the sun occasionally breaks through and on those days it is nothing short of glorious. […]

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Sakelicious! The first Japanese liquor store in Europe

┬áKampai! A few weeks ago, I was walking home late one night and saw a new store near my house. The place looks AWESOME, and is filled with only Japanese liquors, Sake, Whiskey, Beer and Shochu (a sort of a distilled beverage, usually made from rice, sweet potato or brown sugar and which is very […]

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Fingerlings! Tiny fry fish in the Amsterdam canals – millions of them

For those who think the Amsterdam canals have no life in them, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact the canals are absolutely full of life. There are dozens of species of fish, sometimes huge schools of them. There are frogs, crabs, birds and various other creatures living in the canals amongst us. […]

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