Houseboats are common in Amsterdam, and can be found on most canals in and around the city, but also in many cities. They can be a converted ship or a purpose-built houseboat with a steel or concrete foundation. These shells are normally built somewhere else and finished once they have been moved into their berth or “space”.

Did you ever wonder how houseboats are moved around Amsterdam?

First you need to un-hook it if it’s already in place, as in the example below. The electricity, gas, water, sewer and tethers all have to be removed. This can take a while, but in the below example it took less than an hour. Then you need 2 tug boats. Hook the house up and away you go… but remember – there are bridges everywhere, and since it’s been raining for the past several weeks, the water level is up… about 1 centemeter too high today.

So close, but it simply doesn’t fit – so back it goes until the water level drops. Maybe later today after the sluises have been closed or opened and the water can drain off.