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Foggy Amsterdam in the Christmas season

Friday evening I went out for a walk as the fog began to form. The lights of the city, shops and houses took on an eerie yellow halo. I took pictures randomly as I slowly wandered towards the Spui to visit a friend at his work (a bar) but stopped for dinner on the way. […]

Yui and Mino – Rembrandtplein Amsterdam

I met Yui and Minori in the Rembrandtplein while I was walking to a restaurant for dinner. It seemed that people were intrigued by them yet afraid to approach them. They were standing under the statue of Rembrandt and taking pictures. I walked up and started talking with them, then asked them if I could […]

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My primary lens is in the shop so I bought a cheapie Contax G mount 35/2 to walk around with. Only made it as far as the Thornbeckplein, then to the Shanghai Noodle Company and back. Cold wind, but Autumn temperatures. … click pix enlarge … Yes, it’s a plastic bike. Looking south from Staalstraat […]

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wanted to have a walk today to get out of the house, have a bite to eat and see the Christmas decorations in Chinatown. == Click images to zoom in== Breakin’ the rules. HA, I photographed it anyway. Outlaw photographer strikes! Newly re-opened and rebuilt Sluizer Restaurant on Utrechtsestraat Utrechtsestraat all dressed up for Christmas/Sinterklaas […]

Magerebrug to Rembrandtplein

Rainy afternoon, walking from the Magerebrug (Skinny Bridge) to the Rembrandtplein Weeping for squatters – tile on the Magerebrug Bicycle that was apparently retrieved from the canal Pandemonium car advert outside a student house on Kertkstraat Grapes growing over a storefront on Kerkstraat Grapes growing over a storefront on Kerkstraat Victim of heavy pruning Worn […]