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The Beautiful Light of Amsterdam

It rains a lot here in the Netherlands. I’m not complaining because I have lived so many years in places that experience almost no rain, and this is a welcomed change. But after a while of seeing only grey days, the sun occasionally breaks through and on those days it is nothing short of glorious. […]

Amsterdam Public Library and surroundings

I took a walk today. What a beautiful and sunny day. I have to say, this can be such a gloriously beautiful city when the sun shines. It’s always beautiful and interesting, but wow, the sun really brings out the beauty AND the people, so I took a walk toward Central Station and I noticed […]

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wanted to have a walk today to get out of the house, have a bite to eat and see the Christmas decorations in Chinatown. == Click images to zoom in== Breakin’ the rules. HA, I photographed it anyway. Outlaw photographer strikes! Newly re-opened and rebuilt Sluizer Restaurant on Utrechtsestraat Utrechtsestraat all dressed up for Christmas/Sinterklaas […]