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Parking Enforcers protest, Danbo goes swimming

I was coming back from the store and was passed by 100 parking enforcement scooters. These are the guys that everyone in Amsterdam who drives a car – hates. Today they were rallying at the Stopera to protest the decision by the city to cancel their contract and replace them with someone else. I’m not […]

HDR Magerebrug, Hogesluis, Carré, Amstel

Today it is too cold to stand in the wind for very long, and the hogesluis is quite exposed, so I took a few quick auto-HDR (high dynamic range) pics from around the Magerebrug (skinny bridge). Enjoy. click to zoom em Looking east down the Nieuwe Prinsengracht from the Amstel bridge Amstel entrance to the […]

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stepped out for a few minutes tonight for dinner and to pay homage to the end of an era. After 15 years, the first bar in Amsterdam to have Murphy’s Irish Stout on tap, removed the tap and replaced it with Guinness. Not a total loss, but still, had to have one anyway. On the […]

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Christmas circus is at Carré now and next to my house there are lion cages. The roaring of the lions keeps me  up all night. Talking to the postman who was having his lunch on the bench, watching the birds and the Magere brug Christmas Circus poster on the front of Carré I bought […]

Magerebrug – the “Skinny” Bridge

The Magere Brug (“Skinny Bridge”) is a bridge over the river Amstel in the city centre of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It connects the banks of the river at Kerkstrat (west bank) to the Nieuwe Kerkstraat (Church Street) on the eastern bank, between Keizersgracht (Emperors’ Canal) to the north and Prinsengracht (Prince’s Canal) to the south. […]