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Las Frutas Prohibidas – Amsterdam Gay Pride 2012

This group of ladies attend most, if not all of the lifestyle events around the Netherlands. Officially, this year they are calling themselves “Las Fruitas Prohibidas” rather than “Las Frutas Prohibidas” but they declined to comment on why. So, rather than get into a long discussion about them, here are some pictures of them from […]

People of the Gay Pride Canal Parade Amsterdam 2012

This is part 2 of the 2012 Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade and is all about the people who are attending, watching, or just partying along the parade route. A wonderfully happy and relaxed mood was everywhere and I saw nothing but positivity and togetherness. =click picture to enlarge= A local photographer capturing a special […]

Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade 2012

The Amsterdam Gay Pride festival is a weel-long event ending with many parties concerts, events and eventually a parade on the canals. The route winds through most of theĀ  city and people come from all over the world to attend the festivities. There is a lot to do and see, but the overall vibe of […]