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Sakura of spring, Amsterdam version

Stepped out into the sunshine today for an appointment, which I survived. On the way back I spotted some blossoms on a tree, so I took the opportunity to grab some pictures. I set Danbo up to look at the Sakura and got some nice pictures. click to zoom in. Danbo says “I can tap […]

Den Haag (the Hague)

Went to see a man in the Hague (Den Haag) about a hunting dog. Not really, but it’s about an hour away and an important city with an unusual mix of culture and architecture. I brought Danboard along on the train with me. click ’em and see. Danbo’s got your leg. But how do I […]

Parking Enforcers protest, Danbo goes swimming

I was coming back from the store and was passed by 100 parking enforcement scooters. These are the guys that everyone in Amsterdam who drives a car – hates. Today they were rallying at the Stopera to protest the decision by the city to cancel their contract and replace them with someone else. I’m not […]