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Wandering around the Amsterdam and Haarlem, the Netherlands

It appears that I have about 6 months backlog of pictures to post and interesting things to write about them. So this is a random collection of images from Amsterdam, IJburg and Haarlem mostly. One of the strange things is the weather. One week it was beautifully warm, the next it snowed. What’s going on? […]

Boat trip from the Center of Amsterdam to Ijburg

Yesterday I had to relocated my electric sloop to the docks at Ijburg, so I borrowed a real Amsterdam “working boat”. It’s a very heavy medium sized tug boat named “the Pear” that used to work in the Amsterdam harbor moving container ships around. So it was a little overkill to use it to relocate […]

Foggy Amsterdam in the Christmas season

Friday evening I went out for a walk as the fog began to form. The lights of the city, shops and houses took on an eerie yellow halo. I took pictures randomly as I slowly wandered towards the Spui to visit a friend at his work (a bar) but stopped for dinner on the way. […]

People of the Gay Pride Canal Parade Amsterdam 2012

This is part 2 of the 2012 Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade and is all about the people who are attending, watching, or just partying along the parade route. A wonderfully happy and relaxed mood was everywhere and I saw nothing but positivity and togetherness. =click picture to enlarge= A local photographer capturing a special […]

Sakura of spring, Amsterdam version

Stepped out into the sunshine today for an appointment, which I survived. On the way back I spotted some blossoms on a tree, so I took the opportunity to grab some pictures. I set Danbo up to look at the Sakura and got some nice pictures. click to zoom in. Danbo says “I can tap […]