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Foggy Amsterdam in the Christmas season

Friday evening I went out for a walk as the fog began to form. The lights of the city, shops and houses took on an eerie yellow halo. I took pictures randomly as I slowly wandered towards the Spui to visit a friend at his work (a bar) but stopped for dinner on the way. […]

Thanksgiving day 2012, walking around Amsterdam

The sun was out again after many days absence so I finally was able to get some shots for a client because the sun was bright and glorious. Maybe it really is glorious, or maybe the many gray days only make me appreciate it more. Either way, it was a great day to walk around […]

Wandering the streets of Amsterdam

I have realized over the past few months that I haven’t been posting any pictures. Really, I’m not even sure why not. I keep taking pictures. Maybe more than ever… so, why am I not posting them? Maybe it’s the workflow involved, maybe I’m too busy or distracted by everyday life. Or maybe I’m just […]

Great Crested Grebe baby, the second brood

Yesterday I saw that one of our local waterfowl pair, a couple of Great Crested Grebes, have had a second brood of hatchlings. Today the little baby was floating around alone in the canal while the parents were fishing for food. So I managed to get a couple of very close pictures of them. =click […]

Las Frutas Prohibidas – Amsterdam Gay Pride 2012

This group of ladies attend most, if not all of the lifestyle events around the Netherlands. Officially, this year they are calling themselves “Las Fruitas Prohibidas” rather than “Las Frutas Prohibidas” but they declined to comment on why. So, rather than get into a long discussion about them, here are some pictures of them from […]