The Journeyman years, or Wanderjahre – the German “Waltz”

The Journeymen have arrived in Amsterdam. I caught up with them on their way past
Carre’ near the Skinny bridge and spoke with them about their lives.

They are very interesting and unusual people, both men and women.

The journeyman years refer to the tradition of setting out on travel for several
years after completing apprenticeship as a craftsman. The tradition dates
back to medieval times and is still alive in German-speaking countries.
In the British Isles the tradition is lost and only the title journeyman itself
remains as a reminder of the custom of young men traveling throughout the country.

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Grey day in the Amsterdam Plantagebuurt pictures

Saturday started with such promise for the weekend. Glorious sunny cloudless sky.
But it wasn’t to last. The breeze picked up and the clouds came. Temperatures
dropped and it started raining. Welcome to Holland

The neighbor took their ship to the wharf, and it was as usual, a tight squeeze
to get through the bridge and into the Amstel river.
I decided to go out anyway, camera and umbrella in hand.
I got a pizza at the Pizza Bakker. mmm!
Then I walked along the Plantage Middenlaan to see the flamingos in Artis.

Also saw a monster rat crossing the canal underwater. So if you think they can’t
get to your house…guess gain.

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Den Haag (the Hague)

Went to see a man in the Hague (Den Haag) about a hunting dog.
Not really, but it’s about an hour away and an important city with
an unusual mix of culture and architecture.

I brought Danboard along on the train with me.

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Parking Enforcers protest, Danbo goes swimming

I was coming back from the store and was passed by 100 parking enforcement scooters.
These are the guys that everyone in Amsterdam who drives a car – hates.
Today they were rallying at the Stopera to protest the decision by the city to
cancel their contract and replace them with someone else. I’m not going to
say ‘pay-off’ but someone is not ‘greasing’ the right ‘wheel’

Danbo was there, then went swimming at the Hermitage.

Danbo can’t swim, so he ended up floating face down in the Amstel.

Apple Store Grand Opening, Amsterdam

The Apple flagship store opened today in Amsterdam, and I went, along with
6,000 of my friends and neighbors, most of them not from Amsterdam.
The line started Friday night. A very successful turnout.
We all got a groovy orange t-shirt and the opportunity
to buy some Apple stuff at a discount.

I left with a t-shirt, and walked to the Westerpark to have a beer.

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