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Sakura of spring, Amsterdam version

Stepped out into the sunshine today for an appointment, which I survived. On the way back I spotted some blossoms on a tree, so I took the opportunity to grab some pictures. I set Danbo up to look at the Sakura and got some nice pictures. click to zoom in. Danbo says “I can tap […]

Amsterdam Public Library and surroundings

I took a walk today. What a beautiful and sunny day. I have to say, this can be such a gloriously beautiful city when the sun shines. It’s always beautiful and interesting, but wow, the sun really brings out the beauty AND the people, so I took a walk toward Central Station and I noticed […]

Grey day in the Amsterdam Plantagebuurt pictures

Saturday started with such promise for the weekend. Glorious sunny cloudless sky. But it wasn’t to last. The breeze picked up and the clouds came. Temperatures dropped and it started raining. Welcome to Holland The neighbor took their ship to the wharf, and it was as usual, a tight squeeze to get through the bridge […]

Den Haag (the Hague)

Went to see a man in the Hague (Den Haag) about a hunting dog. Not really, but it’s about an hour away and an important city with an unusual mix of culture and architecture. I brought Danboard along on the train with me. click ’em and see. Danbo’s got your leg. But how do I […]