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Amsterdam pictures of Overtoom, Horses, stuff

Walked to my most hated Sony store to retrive my lens then went to the oldest horse riding school in the Netherlands for a free cup of tea and an up close and personal look at urban horses in Amsterdam. click to enlarge Beautiful houseboat Sexy lamp in someone’s house Goodbye old friend Rover, ex […]

HDR Magerebrug, Hogesluis, Carré, Amstel

Today it is too cold to stand in the wind for very long, and the hogesluis is quite exposed, so I took a few quick auto-HDR (high dynamic range) pics from around the Magerebrug (skinny bridge). Enjoy. click to zoom em Looking east down the Nieuwe Prinsengracht from the Amstel bridge Amstel entrance to the […]

New lens on the Overtoom

Sony finally released a new E mount lens and it’s suspiciously cheap. I bought one and went to the Overtoom for some street shooting. I’m really impressed with the speed and sharpness of this little lens. Let me know what you think. click pix to zoom ’em Followed by thier panda hatted ladies. Normal group […]

Random February 14, 2012

Last of the ice for now, and some random views around town. click to zoom in Winter sunset, shot from the ice with a vintage Contax lens. Winter sunset, couple walking on the ice. Skate tracks in the ice Water level rises and drops, causing very noisy ice. the Prinsengracht across the Amstel river. A […]

More ice skating, February 11, 2012

Since I am working, I have limited opportunity to take photographs. Fortunately, lots of great photos come to me, right outside my living room/office window. Lots of skating going on, and more to come over the next days. An imptromptu hockey game with a broom, a paddle, a tennis racquet and a soda can. Little […]