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I had to rent a van, and everyone knows the best deal in town is Rent-A-Brik on the Bullewijkpad, down near the Arena. But walking from Bullewijk metro station, there is an apartment building that was the target of a community beautification project. On this building is (or was) some brilliant graffiti. Enjoy. Graffiti on […]

Tuesday, October 25, 2011: part 2

So I had to go *back* to the doctor (which is a whole different story) and on the way back, I waited for the tram, in the pouring rain, near Apollolaan where there are 2 sculptures. One is a memorial to 29 people that were executed by firing squad by the German Occupation Police in […]

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Looked like it was going to rain today, but I had to get to the Doctor before work. Here’s what I saw today: Rain clouds in the east over the Nieuwe Prinsengracht Supported by huge bolts Gaia – the name of a great Artist :: It’s a Mashville design! The Usual Suspects < Hint: […]